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What is Boland Hospice Care and who is it for...

Boland Hospice is about you and your health.  It was founded on the need for traditional care for those with end of life care needs. Boland Hospice has evolved since it cared for its first patient in 2006. 


Today Boland Hospice focus areas are:

  • Palliative care for those living with a life threatening illness

  • Rehabilitative supportive care

  • Chronic disease management (HIV; TB; hypertension; diabetes and other lifestyle influenced conditions) which includes treatment support

  • Health education to promote wellness and prevent disease

  • Early childhood health care

  • Family support and respite care


This care is provided through three services

  • Intermediate Care Facility: Ward in Worcester and Ceres providing 24 hour care

  • Home Based Care: Community Care Workers providing care Monday to Friday

  • Supportive Lay Counselling: Facility Based Counsellors seconded to the Department of Health in their facilities



    We provide our services in the areas of Breede Valley (Rawsonville, Worcester, De Doorns and Touws River) and in Witzenberg (Ceres, Tulbagh, Wolsley and Prince Alfred Hamlet). 






As an organization we strive to manage and provide care based on the following values:


Care:                      We work from our hearts

Competency:         Having the knowledge and skills to do our jobs and stay up to date.

Accountability:      Taking responsibility for our actions and being able to explain “why”

Integrity:                Honest to ourselves and others in what we say and do

Respect:                Honouring the differences in each other

Responsiveness:  Swift reaction to patient, partners and organizational needs

Team:                    Knowing each other so we can begin together and end together


Our mission:

In partnership we will provide quality holistic health care for communities in the Cape Winelands District together with public, private and NPO partners to ensure dignity and quality of life.


Our strategic objectives are to be :

  • An employer of choice

  • A service of choice

  • An investment of choice

Management & Staff


CEO:  Alida Theron

Cell nr: 066 274 8388

Support staff team


 Home Based Care Teams are led by:

Breede Valley: 

PN's Gaffly, Aysley and Arries


EN Annalie Jordaan

EN Arlene Valentine


 Intermediate Care Facility Teams are led by:

Breede Valley: 

PN Patricia Jacobs, Fransina Andrews, Laurentia Koert and PN Pitt


PN Madelein Johnstone


  Witzenberg Facility Based Counselors are co-ordinated by Heloise Daniels

 Langeberg coordinated by Clemey Lawrence

 Breedevalley by Gertrude Slavers


Legal Compliance

Boland Hospice is registered and compliant, Click Here to for more details...


We thank all our partners, formal and informal, for their support.  Support comes in many forms and we are grateful for it all

Management & Staff
Legal Compliance
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